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Friday, March 11, 2016

Pouf Ottoman

DIY Pouf Ottoman

I found in the clearance section of Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts store a 54-inch wide suede-like fabric for chair/sofa covers, at $7.00 per yard. I thought right away of making a pouf ottoman because the material is soft but thick enough and doesn't need any lining. It's also a bonus for me that it's manufactured in the USA.

The sewing instructions from here was my guide; HGTV pattern is here. I didn't follow exactly as the instructions. I only pasted together 1 triangle and one rectangle, folded the material, made marks where the rectangle and triangles would be, traced the triangle part only, then cut them, and unfolded the material creating just one piece instead of 8 pieces. Leaving the rectangle portion uncut doesn't seem to make a difference on the finished product if it is properly stuffed. Sewing just the triangles probably saved me lots of time. The center opening was left open for filling and hand stitched to close. I still have plenty of leftover material to cover 2 throw pillows and maybe a tote bag too.

I added a button on both top and bottom of the finished ottoman to create a tufted look. I sewed on metal washers first; the leather-covered button is then glued on to the washer and the colorful button is sewed on. It's easy to snip off the washer if I want to change the buttons later.

DIY Pouf Ottoman

I didn't realize how large the ottoman is at almost 25 x 20 inches and it needed a lot of stuffing. I filled it with old towels, old bed sheets that occupy much needed space in the basement, and poly fiber fill from recycled material, also made in the USA. This is my first time making a pouf ottoman and it took 3 hours to cut, sew, and stuff. I'm happy with it and will attempt to make a smaller version with leather remnants in my stash.

Sorry for lack of photos during the process.

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