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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camera Bag Insert

My camera, extra lens and attachments, and extra battery take up a lot of space in my purse. It's time to put them in their own purse. I found a small leather bag that I haven't used in over 8 years, it's gathering dust and the thin leather lining on the flap is starting to disintegrate. I will have to repair it with a piece of soft vinyl perhaps another day. The outer leather and leather lining are still in excellent condition though (Italian-made bags are really great, aren't they?) so I went ahead and made the insert.

I was not n the mood to use the sewing machine and just attached the edges of my material with adhesive transfer tape. It took me less than half and hour to finish this simple project. If I had used the sewing machine, I bet I would have finished even quicker.

half inch thick foam
adhesive transfer fabric tape
straight edge
scissors for fabric
scissors for tape

 I measured the bottom and sides of the purse and cut the foam accordingly in one piece and used 2 of the corner pieces as separators. The sides are 4 inches tall. I cut 2 separate fabrics with 1 inch allowance on all sides and snipped the corners. The bottom material is plain and thinner than the piece that would be visible. Then I proceeded to attach one side at a time, snipping the tape as I go along.  

I didn't bother to attach the corners and the 2 small pieces to separate the camera items from each other. They are snug and stay in place. Also, I can easily re-position them if I need to.   

they are now cozy and don't move around in their new home

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