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Monday, January 18, 2016

Leather USB Cable Organizer

DIY Leather Cord Organizer

USB cables for Android phone, Kindle, and tablets can be used interchangeably [except iPod] but sometimes the gadgets have to be charged all at the same time. So I bought a 4-port USB wall charger and was given free 6 cables with the purchase. Too many cables are all over the place, it's annoying. Getting a cord organizer from the store is not an option because 99% of what you can buy are made in China. I avoid buying Made-In-China whenever possible.

I used a 3-ounce basket weave embossed Italian cowhide and cut a 9 x 18-inch piece. I could have avoided using the sewing machine by just cutting the leather but I want to protect the charger further by creating pockets. I folded the bottom, sewed the sides, and added another stitch a little off-center for 2 pockets.

The organizer has the iPod cable, two 3-foot cables, and one 5-foot cable. I can sew another strip if needed later. For the closure, I cut two 1-inch "buttons" similar to the ones on envelopes, sewed them by hand, and knotted a very thin leather cord to the bottom button. It's easy to wind/unwind to the upper button.

DIY Leather Cord Organizer
DIY Leather Cord Organizer

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