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Friday, May 1, 2015

Leather Tassel

Leather Tassel Leather Tassel

I made a leather tassel for a recently crafted reversible fabric purse. The blue side I think needs a litte color, although I love its clean look. Leather tassel key holders are very easy and fun to make and can be adjusted to desired size and thickness. For this project I used a piece of pink lambskin. I'm happy with the tassel although I should have cut a longer strip for a fuller tassel.

To make key ring leather tassel:
14 x 4 inch strip of leather (ultrasuede if available)
4 x ¾ strip inch of leather
½ inch 3M 465 transfer tape
metal split key ring
  • On wrong side of the bigger strip of leather, draw a ¾ inch line from one long end which will become the top of the tassel. Draw a vertical line 3 inches from the right edge. Cut this small piece off. Draw guidelines every inch on the wrong side of the leather. With a pair of scissors, cut 1/8 inch wide thin strips.
Leather Tassel
  • Apply a piece of transfer tape on the middle of the small leather strip. Burnish and remove backing. Fold both sides towards the center and press to seal. Fold down to make a loop; sew to the upper left edge of the tassel. Apply transfer tape along the entire length of the ¾ inch section. Starting at the loop end, roll up the tassel. Attach the split key ring.

I also attached a store-bought miniature leather cowboy hat key ring to the tassel.

Leather Tassel

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