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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cast Iron Skillet Handle Mitts

DIY Skillet Handle Mitt
DIY cast iron skillet handle mitts

I seem to burn my cast iron skillet handle mitts frequently. I get them from Amazon at $7 for 2 pieces. The cost is not much but I find them too long for the short handles. They catch fire easily from the gas burners.

I couldn't find shorter ones from the stores so I bought batting material and made them at least an inch shorter. I've never sewn something with bias tape and found it a bit difficult to handle specially with a multiple layer project which looks simple to make but actually takes a bit of effort. I made a second one without bias tape for under 20 minutes including the time for quilting. I just turned the thing right side out like a sock. The edges are not finished but they are inside and won't be seen anyway.

This is a good project for remnants. 

DIY Skillet Handle Mitt
burnt upper portion of store-bought mitts

Cast Iron Skillet Handle Mitts
outside fabric
lining fabric
cotton batting or towel fabric

  • Measure the handle of the skillet. 
  • Draw a rectangle doubling your measurements on a tissue paper. Add &34; inch on all sides. Cut the pattern. 
  • Cut 1 piece each for outside fabric and lining fabric, and 2 layers of thermal batting or towel fabric. [I didn't like the crinkly sound of the batting with metallic stuff and used 3 layers of the cotton for the second mitt.]
  • Pin the materials together with the outside fabric facing down and lining material facing up. 
  • Starting in one corner, sew straight across to the opposite corner, repeat sewing from the other corner across to the opposite side. Keep sewing on left and right sides until you have created a quilted pattern. 
  • Fold  and pin the upper ¾ inch of outside material over onto the lining. Sew. Fold in half outside material together and pin the open side and bottom. You can either sew straight or rounded bottom. Sew from the bottom to the open side leaving the top open. Turn right side out. 
DIY Skillet Handle Mitt
the batting with metallic insert on the right makes a slight crinkly sound

DIY Skillet Handle Mitt
the DIY mitt is one inch shorter than the Lodge brand but I think it's still too long

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