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Monday, May 7, 2012

Granny Bag

Yay, I made a bag for the very first time. Although I have sewn several sofa and bed covers, I have never made a handbag. I borrowed from the library a bag sewing book, Carry Me by Yuka Koshizen. The bags in the book are beautiful but there are only 4 patterns attached inside. The rest are on the book with very tiny print but this granny bag is very simple to make and doesn't actually need a pattern. I cut directly from the fabric using a sewing board. The only difficult part of the project is attaching the handles and top bands. I'm happy with the way my very first bag turned out.

I chose a brown shade suede poly for the outer fabric and a brown medium-weight linen blend with flower embroidery for the lining. Both are very easy to handle and I love the "soft lambskin" feel of the poly suede.

The pattern is made up of squares and rectangles although one might need magnifying glasses to see the measurements clearly.

Cutting both farbrics, applying interface on the outer fabric and inside pocket, and sewing them except the handles and top bands were finished in under 2 hours. But I was only halfway done at this point.

For the top pleats, I used small paper clamps instead of pins as they hold much better and don't leave marks on the fabric.

Total hours from start to finish: 3 and a half hours. Not bad for a beginner like myself.
Total cost: more or less $16.00

This is the interior of the granny bag. I didn't put a zippered pocket because it's easier to sew one that doesn't have any and it's also easier to reach into with open pockets. I added a slightly wider band for a 2-pouch pocket. I might add snaps later so the top stays closed.

 this is a large tote, 17 inches wide at the bottom and about 18 inches tall

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  1. It's very pretty! I love the pattern you chose.

    1. Thanks J. The pattern is the one on the book cover and the author used a very nice black and white linen fabric. It's the simplest of the 10 bag patterns.

  2. Wow! Pretty bag! I want one! You make it seem so simple. What a creative soul you are!!!! Love the large size,too!

    1. Thanks. It's quite large, great for small item antiquing.